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I often have clients who come to see me after receiving “advice” from their family and friends such as:

  • I should get 60% of the assets and he get 40% of the assets as my friend did; or
  • He says he been told that is entitled to get the kids on a week about basis.

Your  family and friends are well meaning and they might have had a similar experience but your experience is your own. 

I know from my many years of practising in family law, that there are no two matters that are identical.  Your circumstances are unique and you need to obtain advice that is tailored to you.

I enjoy being able to guide my clients though the obstacles of separation in relation to children and/ or property or dealing with that bump in the road regarding the arrangements for the children.  Separation is usually a difficult time for those involved (I know, there are some who do celebrate!) and for many, they need advice as to how to proceed.  

My extensive knowledge and years of experience in family law (both children and property matters), equips me with the skills to guide you through the process.  My knowledge and skills have been recognised by been certified as an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

I encourage my clients, especially those with children of any age (even if your children are adults there are times they want to have both of their parents present without World War 3 breaking out or snarling at each other from across the room), to work out a fair solution without going to court (or even if you are already in court) though mediation or negotiation.

These days many people operate small businesses, when a relationship breakdown the business operations will sometimes be effected by the breakdown (perhaps one party will cease working in the business or reduce their hours in the business, say in order to deal with the breakup or to care for the children).  It is important for your lawyer to understand how businesses operate.

In addition to my legal experience, my experience working for a large national company and my knowledge base having completed a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Laws and a Master of Business Administration provides me skills to identify issues that might arise as a result of your family law property settlement and advise your accordingly.




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